Qinnxer Laptop Bag 14 inch (With Shoulder Strap) -Black

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About item

  • The main bag of this laptop bag can accommodate laptops, magazines and other items, and the side bag can accommodate apartments, mobile phones, pens and other items. Intimate design is convenient for your life.
  • The fabric of this computer bag is quality polyester, not easy to discolor, providing a good anti-wrinkle effect, soft, comfortable and durable.
  • The material we chose for the zipper of this laptop bag is high quality metal and is not easy to rust. The zipper is smooth, and it can withstand 10,000 times of opening and closing.
  • The strap of this laptop bag can be hidden and your taste displayed in the details. And the width of the strap is moderate, so that the hand is solicited more evenly.
  • Attention: Due to different display monitors, it will be a shade on the color, please refer to the actual color. 100% guarantee.

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