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CELEBRAT earphones with microphone G21, 3.5mm, 1.2m, black

Celebrat headphones take the music experience to the next level, offering extremely clear and rich sound, which highlights the smallest detail of what is heard, while, with the built-in high-performance microphone, they allow you to make phone calls.
They have a long 1.2m cable and their connection is made through a 3.5mm socket.

-excellent quality HiFi sound with strong bass
-noise isolation
-in-ear design, for stable and comfortable use
-microphone, multifuction button control
-TPE cable, high resistance

Technical Characteristics
Drive Unit: 12mm
Sensitivity: 97dB±3dB
Frequency Response: 20-20KHz
Plug Type: φ3.5mm
Cable length: 1.2m

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