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About this item

  • Flat buttons for virtually silent keystrokes.
  • Conventional [German] key layout and function keys.
  • Standard size number pad.
  • Low profile with adjustable height, splash-proof design and durable keys.

K120 Wired Keyboard

Slim profile buttons, whisper-quiet operation, standard layout with full-size function keys and numeric keypad - a pleasure for your hands.

Durable and attractive

The keyboard is slim, but awesome! Durable, splash-proof, with sturdy keyboard stand and durable keys.

What is simple is good

Simply plug it into a USB port on your PC, notebook, or netbook and you're ready to tap.

Comfort and peace when typing

Finally comfortable and whisper-quiet typing Thanks to the low profile keys that can hardly hear a noise, and a standard layout keyboard with full size function keys and a number pad.

Type and feel comfortable

Splash-proof design

Liquid drains off the keyboard. So don't worry about your investment if something falls over.

Slim profile

The slim profile of the keyboard not only looks good on your desk, but also provides a more comfortable neutral grip.

The keys live for a long time

The keys can withstand up to 10 million strokes. On this keyboard you can still type when all others have long been disposed of.

Sturdy, adjustable keyboard stand

With the foldable, sturdy keyboard stands, you can increase the keyboard by 8 degrees to adapt it to your work economy.

USB plug and play

Easy installation: Plug it into a USB port on your PC, notebook or netbook and you're ready to go.

Easily recognisable buttons

The bold, bright lettering makes it easy to read the buttons even for people with weak vision. And they can also withstand prolonged abrasion.

Curved space button

Your hands stay in a natural position and you type with more comfort.

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